Dear Our Customers, 

The HaloMist System was developed specifically to help healthcare and education facilities, restaurants and home associations to raise the standard for disinfection while minimizing the threat of infection transmission. We’ve developed a seamless transition process for deployment of The HaloMist System that will allow you to onboard without stress or delay. Our dedicated internal team will work with you to establish a specific timeline for complete deployment, and will support you throughout the transition process.


Understanding of the Halosils Disinfecting System!

A virus can fixate itself on various surfaces and remain latent until in touch with the human body. Some viruses are known for surviving over 30 months on dry surfaces. Today's bacteria and viruses are more diverse and more destructive than ever. In these times of intense pathogenic pandemic, only the highest standard for disinfection will kill the rate against destructive pathogens. Raising the Standard for disinfection and minimizing risk of infection. Disinfecting your facility effectively and efficiently is among your greatest challenge during this time as all businesses face the threat of facility transmitted infections. 

The Halosil Formula: More than your standard disinfectant. The process of cleaning and disinfecting should be carried out by trained professionals. Hospitals, long term care facilities, educational settings, athletic facilities, restaurants, etc are at an all time high for facility transmitted infections such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus. It is essential that the personnel dealing with the hazard have the proper training to avoid further spread of the virus and cross contamination. The Value of Halo Disinfection System: Raises the standard of whole room disinfection due to the HaloMist proprietary formula that blends the long-leveraged power of a hydrogen peroxide disinfectant with antimicrobial silver ions to act as a broad spectrum disinfectant that destroys microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Above All Pressure Cleaning will give you access to 24/7 professional disinfection service. * We provide Fast Response Time with All Viral Outbreak Contamination. *Full Body PPE to ensure safety.* We are Fully Insured and Professional. * Reduced Risk of Surface Cross-Contamination. During these times of unprecedented times all efforts are being made to respond around the clock to care for our existing and new customers. We are all in this together and together we will get through this. We need to take care of each other during this time. Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Home.