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Considerations When Hiring A Power Washing Company

Most people consider power washing an extravagant cost and would rather clean their premises themselves. However, pressure washing is one of, if not the best, ways to get rid of the grime and dirt on your premises. If you are keen on maintaining your property, you have often thought about giving your home or business a thorough facelift.

You have probably wondered, where can I find pressure cleaning near me? Worry no more.

If you live in New York, Long Island, or either Nassau County or Suffolk County, you can find a power cleaning company near you today.

Most people opt to DIY their premises or hire low-pressure cleaning companies. They are often disappointed by the results. This article will give you a few tips and considerations you should make when hiring a power cleaning company.

Qualifications, Insurance, and Credentials

A company's qualifications are the first and most important consideration you should make before hiring a company to provide cleaning services. Different states, cities, and counties have various qualification criteria before being licensed as a power cleaning company. Long Island power washing companies have a list of licenses they must acquire before being certified.

Ensure that the company you are contracting has all the licenses that are required. Also, inquire if they have the necessary permits to carry out cleaning services on your premises. Some counties like Suffolk County and Nassau County require a pressure washing company to have single/multiple permits before providing cleaning services.

It is also essential that you verify that the company has liability insurance and workers' compensation. This is crucial because cleaning with pressure washing is a dangerous job.

Should a worker get injured while working on-site at your home or business, you could end up being held liable. To avoid such scenarios, always insist that the company should provide proof of insurance.

Pressure cleaning involves using water that may have chemicals and also generates a lot of wastewater. These may cause harm to the environment. Ensure that the company uses chemicals that are not harmful to humans, pets, and the environment.

It is essential that you find out whether the company is environment-conscious. Several accreditation bodies offer those credentials. Always ask if any of them accredits the company.

Equipment, supplies, and Training

If you want to contract a company to offer pressure cleaning services in New York, you should consider what equipment and supplies the company uses. Different companies use different chemicals and equipment. Some surfaces are quite sensitive to some chemicals.

Learn what chemicals the company uses and if they can corrode, stain or damage your property before engaging it.

Equipment is another crucial component to pressure washing. The company you choose should have the best washing equipment that meets current sanitation standards. Some equipment can damage certain materials such as pool-decks or soft-stone pavements due to their weight.

Let the company assure you that they have all the equipment required to undertake the project. A company that insists on using harsh chemicals and extremely high-pressure cleaning equipment should be avoided.

The cleaning company staff should be able to explain the process of cleaning your premises and answer all the questions that you may have. This means that the company staff has all the training and certification that is required. They should be knowledgeable on the different processes and chemicals needed to clean different surfaces.

It is always a bonus when staff is polite, helpful, and professional as they work and talk to clients. They inspire confidence that the company is going to deliver on its promise. Always look for companies that exhibit professionalism right from the start.

That way, you avoid damage to your home or business, and the results are as promised. Nothing does more harm than untrained workers using the wrong equipment and chemicals to clean the wrong surface. It is better to contact an accredited long island power washing company to avoid such mishaps.

The Process

Different surfaces require different procedures. For instance, cleaning wood surfaces will not be the same as cleaning your soft-stone pavements. Also, different types of wood will require different types of equipment and chemicals. Cleaning the walls of your house might not be the same as cleaning your pool deck.

Cleaning concrete such as basketball courts or driveways is an entirely different process altogether. It is important to contract a company that understands the various processes involved in cleaning different surfaces. They should have the necessary equipment and use the proper chemicals to clean all types of surfaces.

Cleaning with pressure washing is a complex process, and the company should be able to explain all the different types of equipment and chemicals to your satisfaction. That means that the company should not offer their services before visiting your premises. By visiting your premises, they will provide the best possible pressure cleaning solution that guarantees the best result.

After a site visit, they should prepare a schedule for you detailing every step of the process, the procedures, and the equipment and chemicals to be used at each stage. Feel free to ask any and every question that you have. Seek clarification where you feel that something is unclear.

The next step is to establish a time frame. The time frame should be reasonable and flexible according to your schedule. The company should be able to work within your time frame. This is especially important when you're cleaning your business premises. You do not want to disrupt your business operations longer than is necessary.

Pick a company that understands your needs and will go above and beyond to meet them. Do not sign any contract with a long island pressure washing company until you are satisfied that the company understands the assignment and has outlined a process that you feel is satisfactory.


Cost should not be a direct factor when choosing your long island power cleaning company. However, it plays a significant role. Inquire directly about the costs involved in completing the project and any additional expenses. One of the best ways is to ask for various quotes from different washing companies and compare them.

Be wary of companies that offer relatively low quotes. When a company offers too low a quote compared to other companies, something fishy is going on. It could mean that they are underbidding to get the job.

Such a company will probably use cheaper materials which might cause damage to your property. After all, you often get what you pay for. You should not damage your valuable property by using a cheaper quote.

An experienced company will deliver professional services that will serve you better in the long run. However, this comes at a cost, and you will have to dig deeper into your pockets. A company should only offer you a quote after a site visit and premises analysis.

Testimonials and Satisfaction Guarantee

In this digital age, it has become straightforward to review the work of any company. All you have to do is search their website, and you will find reviews and testimonials of their work. Many companies run social media pages where they interact with their clients for feedback and reviews. A company with no internet presence usually raises many red flags.

Thoroughly review a company's website to see what other clients are saying about their work. Check their social media for before-and-after photos of their previous work. Reach to some of their clients and confirm the company's reputation. Only contact a long island pressure washing when you're satisfied that they are who they say they are and their work.

Companies that offer professional services and are proud of their reputation will proudly stand behind their work. They are willing to provide specific guarantees that other companies cannot. They will show you a portfolio of their previous jobs, including pictures and references.

Some will even go the extra step and offer you a no-damage guarantee. A no-damage guarantee gives you the comfort that the company will be professional when undertaking the job. It ensures that their staff are careful when working on the surfaces around your property and are mindful of sensitive areas.

It also guarantees that the company will take liability for any damage that occurs during the cleaning process.


Your property is a valuable investment that requires proper maintenance and care. Do not risk damaging it by engaging in DIY pressure cleaning or hiring substandard contractors who might do a shoddy job and damage your property.

Before you search for pressure cleaning near me and you, live in Long Island, New York, and either Nassau County or Suffolk County, feel free to contact Above All Power Cleaning. We are Long Island's premier pressure cleaning company. Our team is knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. Contact us today for specialized cleaning.

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