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How Often Should You Power Wash Your House?

Power washing your home is an excellent way to protect your investment, limit your spending on exterior maintenance, and keep your property's curbside appeal consistently high. Both effective and affordable, these treatments can eliminate and prevent a slew of common issues. When performed correctly, they'll strip off dirt, grime, mold, mildew, pervasive odors, and deeply set stains. Best of all, they'll do it without undermining the integrity of the treated building materials. Finding the right schedule for power washing your NY home will help you optimize the benefits of these services.

DIY Power Washing vs. Professional Pressure Washing

To power wash your own house, all you have to do is take a quick trip to the local hardware store and pick up your own pressure washing unit. Sadly, however, the simplicity of these machines often makes them ineffective and downright unsafe for treating certain areas, surfaces, and materials. Store-bought pressure washing equipment that's meant for home use isn't the same as the equipment that we use at Above All Pressure Cleaning. Our equipment has far more settings so that we can adjust the pressure to suit the areas and items that we're treating. We use maximum pressure when removing automotive stains from driveways, and more gentle, soft-wash settings when treating siding and roofs. We also have carefully formulated solutions for stripping out oils, rust, and other problematic stains. Absent this level of flexibility, and absence of the right training, using store-bought equipment on your home could void the warranty on certain building features, and it will likely cause far more harm than good. When treating roofing, siding, and other building elements, it's always best to put a professional on the job.

Routine Cleaning to Keep Your New York Property Looking Its Very Best

Whether you live in Nassau County, Suffolk County, or any other NY area, general recommendations for the frequency of power wash treatments fall between the range of once every six to 12 months. Heavy rain, heavy wind, snowmelt, tree shedding, and other weather-related events can leave building exteriors discolored, streaky, and looking dated and old. Scheduling a power wash treatment once or twice each year will keep your house constantly looking like it's just been freshly painted. This is also a great way to strip organic debris off of flat surfaces and prevent problems with invasive insects. If you've been advised by a Long Island pest control service to implement a multi-pronged, preventative pest management plan, cleaning with pressure washing can be a very effective addition.

Factors That Make More Frequent Pressure Cleaning Necessary

There are, however, a few factors that may make it necessary to schedule Long Island power washing services more frequently. For instance, if your home is situated near a busy freeway, it may take on a dull, discolored look as airborne grime from automotive exhaust sets in. If you're currently living near an active construction site or by any property that has yet to be properly landscaped, loose dirt and other fill materials could be collecting on your siding and roof to give your house an all-around dirty and ill-maintained look. During active construction projects, you might consider scheduling Long Island pressure washing services three or even four times per year. Sometimes, leaving abrasive debris in place can cause far more problems than just diminished building aesthetics. If you're currently landscaping your own backyard, consider searching for and scheduling pressure cleaning near me after the work is done. This is important to do even if your newly landscaped home doesn't appear too dingy and dirty at first glance. You may be surprised by how much brighter and more appealing the building exterior looks after it's been thoroughly washed. Finally, if your New York property has been near a wildfire or if wildfire smoke has recently traveled into the area, you definitely want to schedule a pressure cleaning treatment. A good power wash will remove all visible residues, as well as the many potentially harmful toxins that wildfire smoke carries. Your property will look better, and it will be a lot safer for building residents.

Pressure Cleaning Can Be Used On Multiple Areas of Your Property

Residents of Nassau County, Suffolk County, and other New York areas don't have to wait until their siding looks worse for the wear before scheduling these services. Pressure cleaning is an easy and cost-effective way to handle multiple forms of property maintenance. These services are great for cleaning up:

  • Grimy, oil-stained driveways

  • Dirty, discolored walkways and paths

  • Balconies

  • Patios

  • Outdoor cooking areas

  • Swimming pool patios

and more. If you've got a swimming area or any other outdoor feature that you regularly use for entertaining, scheduling pressure cleaning could be an essential part of fulfilling your duty of care. For instance, paved surfaces that are covered with suntanning lotions, body oils, algae, slime, or any other slick, slippery coatings are known slip and fall hazards. Not cleaning these off could leave you vulnerable to both frivolous and legitimate personal injury claims. To keep guests safe when entertaining on your property, and to protect yourself, have your outdoor areas pressure cleaned on a routine basis.

Save Money By Scheduling Pressure Cleaning Near Me

For optimum aesthetics and ongoing protection of underlying building materials, Long Island residents are generally advised to paint the exterior of their homes once every five to 10 years. Unfortunately, the outside of your house can look incredibly aged and grimy in between these paint jobs. This, however, doesn't mean that you have to pay the high costs of painting all over again, long before the expected lifespan of your current exterior paint has ended. Scheduling pressure cleaning services are always the most cost-effective way to restore the beauty and original appeal of a dirty home. If you plan on selling your home and want to find a few easy ways to spruce it up, consider cleaning with pressure washing. This is also something you want to do if you've got noticeable dark patches on your roof. Black mold on the roof can look just like widespread shingle loss from the ground up. Rather than assuming that you've got a relatively minor maintenance issue on your hands, prospective buyers may think that you've got a failed roofing system instead. Worse still, if you don't take care of these pervasive growths by having their power washed in a timely fashion, you will. Unchecked black mold can undermine the integrity of all roofing materials, including the roofing substrate if it's left long enough. Flushing these areas will restore your roof back to its initial, pristine condition, and ensure that invasive mold spores don't continue spreading, and don't have a negative impact on the health of building residents. Just as our Long Island pressure washing services can spare you the high costs of an early paint job, they can also stave off the need for major roof repairs and even total roof replacement.

Deodorize Your Residential or Commercial Building Exterior

Certain areas of NY have a pervasive, stale odor or the sharp stink of urine, high traffic, and general over-use. As a business owner, foul odors can chase your customers away and make your products seem unappealing. This is especially true if you're selling food, cleaning supplies, or any other items that are generally associated with freshness. Stale outdoor odors that have leached into sidewalks and other porous surfaces can also make it difficult for people to relax in their yards, on their front porches, or in other outdoor areas. Fortunately, pressure cleaning isn't just about making things look better; it's also about making them smell better as well. With the right cleaning agents, our Long Island power washing services can make your residential or commercial property look and smell amazing.

Revitalize Your Landscape

Surprisingly, pressure cleaning can also have a very positive impact on the overall look of your landscape. Although your grass may be green and perfectly edged, it could be surrounded and filled with walkways, flagstones, and other stone elements that look worse for the wear. Dirty, patios, gazebos, decks, and other outdoor elements can detract from the finished look of a carefully landscaped yard. After years of neglect, your stone and paved elements will look absolutely new following a single power wash treatment. While our team is onsite, we can also power out tough stains in your driveway and on the sidewalks and curbs in front of your home. With the ability to safely and effectively treat multiple surfaces and material types, we can give you a seamless, end-to-end solution that beautifies and restores your entire property exterior. At Above All Pressure Cleaning, we've got extensive experience in cleaning and restoring both residential and commercial property exteriors. In fact, we've provided our services for some of the biggest and best-known brands in the nation. We've got a long-standing reputation for careful, meticulous work, and the application of needs-appropriate treatments. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your NY home or business look it's absolute best.

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