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About Us

Get To Know AAPC

“We pride ourselves on providing the highest caliber of commercial cleaning while performing the safest & most efficient procedures. Delivering quintessential service from the initial call to the completion of each project is how our team continues to grow rapidly amongst the Rest.”

- Baylee Joseph Modugno

Broadway Mall Cleaning - Above All Pressure Cleaning
Our mission: 
Keeping our cities, counties & properties cleaned and maintained properly and efficiently.

Benefits of Softwashing

Here at AAPC, we define Softwashing as a cleaning process, where we use low pressure and special solutions to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae, lichen, and other organic growth from any exterior part of your home or business. Softwashing kills algae to its core which prolongs the growth from coming back after the treatment is completed. At AAPC we use 60 psi (pound-force per square inch) as well as biodegradable chemicals that emulsifies organic growth leaving your home or building with no damage and a longer-lasting clean. Softwashing doesn’t only remove and kill organic growth but it also emulsifies cobwebs and bees' nests. In comparison to power washing, soft washing lasts 4-6 times longer as well as treats and removes surface algae.

Prepping your home or building

At AAPC we understand that the customer comes first, which is why we take great precautions in preparation for the job at hand. Our team tapes off all wires, cameras, doorbells, and any other exposed fixtures you may have. We also use biodegradable chemicals to ensure the safety of your pets, plants, and vegetation!

Some of Our Valued Customers

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