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Paving Stone Restoration:

When cleaning and restoring wood it is important to not use high pressure because it will damage and carve into it. Here at Above All, we use a specialty cleaning solution that goes deep into the pores of the wood to kill all moss/algae that is growing on and in it, as well as brightens the wood so it looks as if you just replaced it.


Polymeric Sand Application:

Polymeric sand is a mixture of polymer binders that when wet, sets and becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints. This firm bond keeps pavers securely in place and is effective on both horizontal and sloped surfaces. This polymeric sand helps prevent weed sprouting, damages caused by insects, and helps prevent erosion due to climatic conditions.

Sealant Application:

Paving stone sealant is an important maintenance tool to keep patios, walkways, driveways, and pool decks looking just as beautiful as the day they were installed. The sealant we use will help prevent slipping, scuffs, and any stains from absorbing into the pavers and causing permanent damage. This also helps restore the color and appearance of the paving stones. Another benefit of sealing is that it resists UV rays so the normal fading of pavers will be elongated by applying a seal.

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