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The risk for Slip-and-Fall Lawsuits are very high on these types of surfaces, make sure you reduce your liability by keeping up with maintenance and cleaning

Tennis/basketball court maintenance is inevitable. If the court surface is neglected, or under heavy cover from shade or brush, mold, and mildew can become an issue. Here at Above All, we do not use high pressure due to the risk of damage to the color and coating of the court, instead, we use a solution to kill the organic material on the top and use low pressure to clean and rinse the court after the solution kills all the growth.

Tennis Player
Woman serving tennis ball

As a kid, it's always a great time to hop on your bike and hit the courts! Whether it's basketball, tennis, handball, racketball, roller blazing, etc. everyone desires a clean court. Here at Above All Pressure Cleaning we understand how fun it is at any age to be playing competitive or friendly sports with friends. We also understand that that time shouldn't be jeopardized by poorly maintained courts, where you are at risk of getting hurt! Contact your town and ask if we can provide services for your courts today!

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