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Understand our Commercial Cleaning...

Our Commercial division is compromised of specialists who have been in the field for over 10 years, performing projects ranging from Gas Stations, Parking Garages to Large Store Fronts. We offer Exterior Soft Washes and Hot Water Pressure Cleaning. Above All prides itself in the top of the line equipment we use, allowing us to maintain our admirable clients and there valued referrals. We offer 24/7 service to accommodate all of your needs.


COF & ADA Code Cleaning 

- ADA cleaning requires a COF of concrete must a be taken as 0.65 or lower. 

- Slip-resistance can vary from surface to surface, or even on the same surface, depending upon surface conditions and employee footwear. Slip-resistant flooring material such as textured, serrated, or punched surfaces and steel grating may offer additional slip-resistance. These types of floor surfaces should be installed in work areas that are generally slippery because of wet, oily, or dirty operations. Slip-resistant footwear may also be useful in reducing slipping hazards. 

- Our systems & Equipment allow us to clean surfaces properly and measure the COF on site. Ensuring our clients with the results necessary

- Roof Treatment 
- Exterior & Siding 
- Driveway & Walkways 
- Skyscrapers 
- Spot-Free Windows 
- Realtor Services 
- Post-Construction Cleaning
- Awnings & Coverings 
- Patio Services
- Gum Removal 

Commercial Cleaning Includes:

Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 8.05.46 AM.png

Our Professional Team Can Create a Maintenance Program That Will Meet Your Needs.

- Professional, trained technicians
- State-of-the-art equipment
- 5 Million dollar Umbrella policy 
- Workers compensation for all employees 
- Free estimate for every service 
- servicing NY, NJ, CT & Fl 
- We offer 27/7 service to accommodate all of our client's needs without disturbing business hours 

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