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Rust & Battery Acid Removal

Battery stains are unlike any other stain a homeowner could have. Battery stains are 31-50% sulfuric acid in concentration and even though concrete is alkaline, it does not have the power to neutralize those stains. So, the acid remains active for many years. Every time it gets wet, the water reactivates the acid, which dives deep into the concrete and spreads on the surface. Therefore you see the orange battery burn run down the concrete. EPA, stormwater compliance, and regulatory officials consider these stains hazardous, corrosive, toxic, and carcinogenic. Even when dry, the particles can be kicked up into the air, leading to respiratory issues. It can also be tracked in the house, carpet, etc. . Maximum fines for homeowners who have hazardous stains going into the storm drains can be up to $37,500 PER DAY. Due to our extensive training Above All employees can fully neutralize the battery stains, turning the sulfuric acid into sodium sulfate, which is as nontoxic and benign as table salt.

Rust on Concreate - Above All Pressure Cleaning
Rust on Roof - Above All Pressure Cleaning
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