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Should you pressure wash your solar panels?

As a homeowner with solar panels installed, you have the chance to save money on your electric bill while helping the environment. When it comes to keeping your existing solar panels looking their best and maintaining optimal functionality, many homeowners wonder if they need to pressure wash their rooftop solar panel array. Moreover, if you have just installed solar panels or have a new rooftop solar array, you may also be wondering whether or not to do a power wash. This article will discuss both of these topics and provide you with the information you need to decide if it is time for your solar panels to get a dose of water. The short answer is yes, typically long island power washing is a good idea for new installations or when the power washing done has been insufficient. However, there are other things that can also benefit from power washing that are not necessary for new installs or previously power-washed arrays. Due to the nature of solar panels, they can and do become quite dirty over time.

Why do Solar Panels need Cleaning in Long Island?

Solar panels are made from a wide variety of materials, from plastic to glass and everything in between, the point is that they are made with materials that aren't the easiest to clean and maintain. Over time, dirt and debris will be allowed to build upon your system and the array itself. Even if you use cleaning wipes on a regular basis, there are many small pieces of debris that are harder to remove than it may seem at first. The dirt allowed to accumulate and adhere to your system can cause problems with your performance over time. Furthermore, there is also potential for damage to occur from the dirt at the individual panels. While this may initially appear to be an isolated problem, over time this can lead to a larger issue such as a big enough issue that would require replacement of all or most of your panels. With so much potential for damage, it is important to thoroughly clean your solar panels on a regular basis by professionals such as long island power washing companies and even more important when you install your new solar array.

Should I Clean my Solar Panels?

There are a lot of factors to consider before deciding whether or not it is time to clean your solar panels. The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not wiping down the surface with a cleaning wipe will be sufficient for keeping your solar panels clean on a regular basis. In most cases, this is likely enough and washing will only cause more issues if you need to clean larger portions of your system, like the entire array. Whether or not you should clean your panels is determined by a few factors:

Can you safely clean the panels yourself?

Whether learning to wash your solar panels on your own or hiring a professional to do it for you, you should be able to safely clean the panels yourself. The chances of damaging your system as you clean are small, but they are still there. The likelihood that you will cause damage is determined by how confident you are in your ability to wash and clean the solar panels safely.

Do you actually see a drop in production?

If you are concerned that cleaning your panels will have a negative impact on the overall performance of your system, you should consider whether or not you actually see a drop in production. While this is hard to definitively prove, it is still important to examine the performance numbers on your system before and after cleaning with pressure washing and see if there has been any change. If you are using a measuring device like a power meter and solar panels, be sure to note what time of day was recorded for each production reading. If the production numbers have changed, you may need to consider whether or not it is time to clean your panels again to see if the new numbers are anywhere close to the old production numbers. If this is not a concern, there are likely numerous other reasons why your system might be performing poorly and one of those maybe your solar panels becoming too dirty or damaged.

What is the condition of the solar panels?

If you have recently had your system installed, it is good to hire a company to do a professional wash of your system. They will use water that has been preheated and also added chemicals to help remove any stains or issues from your panels. If you have already had your system in place for some time, then you may be ready to do some power-washing yourself.

Do you have a ground-mounted system?

A ground-mounted system makes cleaning with pressure washing easier. When you have a ground-mounted system, you can get to the bottom of each panel then you could with panels that are on an array. This is why it is important to have a professional wash your system if it is ground-mounted as they can access all of the areas that need cleaning.

How should You Clean Your Solar Panels in Nassau County?

Even though the overall goal is to simply clean the panels and get most of the dirt and other debris off, there are some tricks to getting your system looking and functioning great. If you are in New York and you are wondering; where is the pressure cleaning near me? Long island pressure washing company Above all Pressure Cleaning has got you covered.

i) For a professional pressure washing, you need to make sure that the materials used in the cleaning process are safe for solar panels. When you are looking for a company to do your pressure washing, you can check what type of chemicals and materials they use. You can ask for proof of chemical and material safety.

ii) It is important not to leave any debris behind when doing the cleaning and not to mix with other materials such as leftover paint chips or anything that may have been left in the city. For this, you need to follow a proper order of cleaning.

iii) When it comes to cleaning, you should start from the top and down with the panels. Use a wide brush and be very careful when it comes to washing panels.

iv) When cleaning, keep in mind that weather does not have to stop you from doing important work on your solar panels. It is a good idea to place plastic boards overexposed panels during wintertime to help protect them from snow and ice damage.

v) If you are going to move solar panels around, make sure that they are packaged in a way that will not damage them. Try to have them packaged in orientation.

Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment in Long Island

There are numerous tools that are used when washing solar panels and cleaning them in general. An array of power tools is probably not necessary, but depending on the size of your system, you may want to have a few multi-purpose cleaners in order to do the job properly in Suffolk county:

• 2-in-1 Microfiber Scrubber and Squeegee, 14": This is an excellent tool for cleaning and scrubbing the panels. It is a great household item and you may have this to do regular cleaning around your home. The 2-in-1 Scrubber and Squeegee work great with tile, glass, and other hard surfaces. You can rinse them with water or use them dry for easier cleaning for your solar panels.

• Cleaning Spray: A solar panel cleaner will help remove stubborn stains like bird droppings and dust build-up that may begin to accumulate on your system over time.

• Cleaning Eraser: If you have larger panels, you might need an eraser that has a bigger surface area, so that it can soak up more debris.

• Cloth: A cloth is a perfect tool for cleaning glass and windows. After washing the panels with a cloth, you can use a microfiber towel to dry them off.

• Mop Bucket: A mop bucket is ideal for getting rid of dirt and debris that has accumulated on the panels. You can fill this bucket with water or use a mixture of warm water, soapy water, and detergent to create a cleaning solution.

Tips for solar panel cleaning

Below are useful tips to help you with your cleaning:

1) Damp-Wipe Solar Panels: The easy way to clean your panels is by using a clean damp cloth on them.

2) Stick or silicone solar panel cleaner: This type of cleaner has a sponge on one side and a brush on the other. With this method, you may also clean panels with water.

3) Spray Solar Panel Cleaner: You can use different kinds of cleaners for those of you who prefer to use a spray. You can easily store them in your garage or car, spray them onto the panels, and then wipe them off using paper towels.

4) Don't step on your solar panels: Do not step on your panels or walk over them with bare feet, because this can cause the panel to be damaged.


You now know what solar panel cleaning is and you will have a general idea of how to clean your panels, even if you are not entirely sure of how they should be cleaned. The cleaning process is crucial to your panels working properly, so it is important that you follow the recommendations outlined in this article. Therefore, if you are in Suffolk County or Nassau County in New York, you can figure out which is the best pressure cleaning near me! Long island pressure washing company Above all Pressure Cleaning is a step ahead of the game when it comes to solar panel cleaning. If you have any questions about the cleaning process, click here!

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