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ROI of power washing your home

For most people in new york, purchasing a house is achieving a major life goal. After making this long-term financial investment, you should determine how you will increase your home’s value. Power washing the asset at least twice every year is one of the most effective strategies for achieving this goal. Most homeowners fail to understand that this cleaning strategy has a significant return on investment. The following are some of its benefits;

Protect the Property from Damage

When you pressure wash your house, you protect it from potential damage by removing various contaminants, such as mold, algae, and mildew. This process is vital for people living in areas with high humidity. Such weather conditions facilitate the growth and buildup of problematic compounds that destroy the home’s siding. Therefore, this cleaning strategy will give you a clean, healthy, and well-maintained home.

It Delivers a High ROI

Everybody knows that a home is a significant investment. As a smart homeowner, you should understand that long island pressure washing this asset is protecting and investing in it. The service will also save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, you will not have to spend money on regular repairs due to mold growth.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Cleaning your house in a long island with a pressure washer will make it more appealing and attractive. The service will benefit you if you plan to sell the property because potential home buyers in New York love a home just by looking at its exteriors. Nobody wants to live in or purchase a property that is covered in mildew and looks neglected. Long Island power washing changes the appearance of the house and its surroundings and makes it look move-in ready. It is like a low-budget house makeover.

Preserves the Residential Property

During winter, the house is exposed to various harsh environmental elements that can destroy it. For example, heavy rain, snow, and strong winds can affect the paint in the exterior spaces. In such a situation, the house’s value deteriorates and makes it less competitive in the market. However, this cleaning method upgrades the exterior and ensures that the home looks good even after winter.

Increase House’s Value

Another advantage of cleaning with pressure washing is that it boosts its value. The National Association of Realtors indicates that curb appeal often determines the value of a home on the market. For example, a residential property whose exterior siding is pressure washed can cost approximately $10, 000 more than a regular house in Nassau county. This information suggests that washing your house with high-pressure water before listing it is an effective way of preparing it for potential buyers in Suffolk County.

Prevents Expensive Repairs

Cleaning your house using a pressure washer protects it from rot and decay. It further prevents the expensive repairs related to these issues. long island pressure washing services also make its exterior siding last longer. Taking advantage of this service in Suffolk county will help you avoid spending a lot of money replacing various components of your home.

Avoids Health Issues

Living in a dirty house sometimes intensifies various diseases and conditions, such as asthma. The toxic contaminants in the air are also likely to lead to breathing issues, coughing, and sneezing. Besides respiratory issues, these allergens can also weaken your immune system. Cleaning your home with high-pressure water will improve its health by eliminating these mold and algae and preventing their growth. The mold spores might be outside, but they can waft into the rooms through the windows or cracks. Cleaning will destroy the grime that facilitates the growth of mold and other contaminants. Therefore, if you notice that your house’s exterior is moldy or has algae buildup, you should consider adopting better cleaning habits like cleaning with pressure. It will protect the health of everybody who lives on the property in long island.

Protects the Environment

Part of being a responsible homeowner in Nassau County is caring about the environment. power washing your house is a sustainable activity because it involves using environmental-friendly equipment. The working mechanism of an electric cleaner is pouring water at a speed that is high enough to eliminate stains on a house. Pressure cleaning near me also saves a lot of water. The cleaners discharge water at high pressure. This force enables them to achieve excellent cleaning power with a little amount of water. Moreover, removing the mold and algae growing on the home’s exterior siding protects its surroundings from pollution.

Prepares the Property for Painting

A pressure-washed house is ready for various projects, such as painting. The paint is more likely to look better and stick longer if the walls are clean. pressure washing removes dust, grime, and contaminants on the surface and ensures that it is ready for the painting project.

Prevents Permanent Damage on the House

Tough stains can develop on the exterior surfaces of the residential property, especially due to winter grime. These stains can permanently damage the house if they sit on it for long. Homeowners should pay attention to these vital issues and use power cleaning to solve them. This cleaning option removes the stains and grimes fast without damaging the house.

It Saves Time

Pressure cleaning near me is better than other standard cleaning methods because it saves time and effort. For example, you do not have to mix detergents or strain when scrubbing and climbing stairs. You achieve better results within a short time. Professional pressure washers can complete this cleaning project in one afternoon.

Washes even the Hidden Parts of the Home

Most traditional cleaning options involve cleaning the visible parts of the home, such as the shutters and windows. The advantage of cleaning with pressure is that it helps you achieve a lot. For example, professional cleaners use equipment that thoroughly cleans the decks, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. They leave the property and its environment sparkling. Homeowners should differentiate the sections of the house that need washing from those that require regular maintenance. Some areas, especially those freshly painted, are not safe for pressure washing because the high-pressure water can peel the paint off. However, professional cleaners can control the water pressure to ensure that they remove the dust and dirt without causing damage. The following are the sections that are safest for cleaning with pressure washing;

• Garage Doors and Vinyl Siding

The sections of the home facing south and west are likely to have higher mold growth due to a lack of adequate sunshine. Professional cleaning services are needed to free these surfaces from mold or algae infestation.

• Decks and Fences

These areas experience heavy foot traffic and sunlight. Consequently, they are more vulnerable to premature tear and wear. Power cleaning services can make these regions appear renovated or brand new.

• Patios, Bricks, and Cement Stairs

Patios and stairs are also safe for power cleaning. In most cases, they are usually near the garden. The high traffic and exposure to heavy rainfall and different pollutants qualify these spaces for this cleaning option.

How often should you Wash your Home with a power cleaner?

The number of times you should hire professionals to power wash your property depends on various factors, such as the climate, location, and state of your house. For example, cleaning it after summer or winter is better because mold might have grown due to high humidity during this season. Moreover, a house might need a pressure wash if the area experiences a hurricane or tornado. During such times, the strong winds carry dirt and deposit it on the houses. Failure to clean it on time might cause a build-up that will lead to more damage like rotting. Homeowners should also ensure that they pressure wash their residential properties when they are planning for major exterior projects. Cleaning the surfaces will yield better results because the paint and other products adhere better to such surfaces. Houses near giant trees or dirt roads are more vulnerable to dirt and require frequent cleaning. You can also use your judgment to determine if your home needs this service or not. For instance, if your house looks dusty or smells moldy, then you should consider scheduling its cleaning. Homeowners should consider planning the appointment on a warm and sunny day. The warm conditions will ensure that the water dries faster.


In conclusion, long island power washing your home is one of the most productive investments that a homeowner can ever make. It improves the value of the home, preserves the environment, enhances curb appeal, saves time and money, and prevents damage. To enjoy these benefits, you should define the specific places that require the cleaning and the best time to pressure clean the property. Employing a proficient cleaning company for the task is also an excellent idea.

Call the Pros Today!

Are you planning to power wash your home? The knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Above All Pressure Cleaning (AAPC) are ready to offer you the best services. We implement safe and proficient procedures to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the results. Do not hesitate to contact us today.

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